http://streetart.info/bike.jpg#_in_may_2004 part of http://streetart.info/bike

installed carboard (in 2000) + bike(2004) between (ex)squat and jewish Synagoge Oranienburger- .
The poster http://Maenexen.tk

installed in jun 2003 on the way Underground to "Volksb├╝hne" An update with an bucketlid, flagged stickA + Einstein stencil is planed

A object rosentaler beside a gallery window


-_- Linien- on top Tower poster AEM character

postA =diagonal cutted poster @ the former http://artBERLIN.tk
space face to a tramstop Sticker from VER

flagged -_- stickA Friedrich-112

posted by streetartist "SeX"

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