arrangements on the Berlin Wall rests and the East Side Gallery -_- Mühlenstr.

the arrangement underneath -_- photographt 300 times /day

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the best example:
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my 1st installation: a couch + chair on top of the East Side Gallery
Lasted may 1995 - july 1996
if you see a difference between streetART/6raff the installation on top was the 1st european s.a. piece

perma url´s 6de.de/esg.jpg -_- /couch

"Infinit are the universe and the stupidity of the humans"



chair installation, behind the Infobox

"objects" installed in 1997 for 9 month

Lasted 9 month

Handcart installed on the Wallrest "Potsdamer-_-platz"
Somebody from Brussels, who had bought the wallpart, had taken the rusted handcart also to his hometown.

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