East side gallery Kani Alavi

east side gallery.jpg
my 1st Berlin installation in may 1995 on a white part , a couch and later a bike trailer model and a Xmas tree on top of the east side gallery. The rest which you see was painted in oct 1995
The installed stuff lasted until july 1996
wall arrangements http://streetart.bl0ogspot.com/2000/11/wall.html

2000 Kani Alavi was intervieved from Deutsche Welle about my piece.
" it can stay"

2003 he called the police from the sidewalk across the street.

He had covered an abstrct painting he said also at the court "AMTSgericht"

He had called more times the police with the aim to get attention in the medias.

One case . the goalkeeper Kahn
sparayed after the WC on the backside of the eastside gallery.
The backside counts as a "legal wall since 1990"

-_- posted by streetartist "SeX"