~ 130 keySstroke shortcuts: hit  2 adjacent keys with 1 finger, even if they are staggered.

Open Source shortCUTr.de: in total you can setup ~15 hotkeys, ~11k 2key shortcuts and an ∞ amount hotstrings  i.e. 67+

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The code
¹•your keyboard sends always xy  ~x & y::run http://keySstroke.de  
²•your keyboard sends always yx  ~y & x::run  "  "  "
³•your keyboard sends xy and yx
~x & y::
~y & x::run www.twitter.com/keySstroke 

more targets via GUI 4th tab
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if your keyboard sends always XY or YX, you can setup keySstroke shortcuts via an advanced setup

1 highlight an URL, www.domain, path or command
2 [F6]
3 hit your desired keySstroke shortcut
4 seperate the output with  "  &  "   i.e. "6 & 7"
5 [OK]
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 the fastest way to set up an x & y  shortcut
1) download and click  1mm.de/-.exe  3) highlight an url  4) [F6] 5) [OK]

image by @SeX

if you don't trust the downloads  check the url @ virustotal.com/#url before the download