url´s http://streetart.info/ant or ....spot.com/2000/11/ant.html
Doku of the stickerspot in the Berlin gallery mile Auguststr where real ants are eating sticker.

July 2 2005 -_- More demaged GlueGrue.tk, Maenexen.tk , 2 and a + sticker.

The object on top was new , because the previous on was taken away.
The most ant stickers were pasted from Stromausfall (power failure> in the years before.

The story

Gluecrue had pasted some paper stickers in 2004 and one sticker from Projeto_Cha After this i´ve noticed what can happens to stickers with catchy collors, and i´ve started to make this doku.

June 13 The ants were more interested in the 4rtcard on top

June 03 a new "+" sticker 4 pics

Overview with the warning sign on July 2


" blind man "

Some pics from 2004

Sept. 04 Frank (Stromausfall) had added red ants,
it looks that they came out of the http://jesuslovesyou.ch/
streetart poster.
[The tld .ch for CHrist] ↓

Nov .2004 ↓

Above the e-box there is my 1st FLAGGED tree stickA
(1,2mm self welding material)



Anonymous said...

This docu is super!!!!!!!!

more more more more more



Anonymous said...

great docummentation of the attack of the killer ants.. i think mine were delicious for them.. if you want to add more of my coloured ones just let me know..
big ups to 6, and to glue crue who left that there.