-_- @ the old Neckar Bridge Heidelberg, painted with lime 1998

-_- beside the ex squat Tacheles, present 2 years . The start of this arrangement you can see on a 5 min video http://6de.de/1.mov#__2,5_mb
AT-@ddresses: what you see, was running in all browsers as a webaddress: In 2004 ms was lazy and disabled this addresses in the Ie so
=> moz opera safari Maxthon.com and the new AOL browser !!!!

paint pasted tiles http://@rtist.info = AT-@ddress
the "e-_-mail smily" => -_-@domain.xy
And a poster from Sweza i´ve repaste several times parts from this poster,
but the head lost i´ve fixed with the smily
Location: the 1st http://Urban-art.info#__space

BrowserBAR arrangement and a installed board before the city removed the wall for a new park

Arrangement with the permission of Weinerei Part of http://streetart.info/mattress


posted by streetartist "SeX"

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