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"Hallo my name is" August- face to KW

the reduced name creation "6-_-@rtist.info" works in better browsers as a webaddress, as an e-_-mailaddress and you will find it it (with A instead of @) on the last page, last column in the Berlin telefon directory; because it starts with "6" @ http://telefonbuch.de#_search_for_6_and_Berlin(35_listing_#34)

e-_-mail smily => -_- @ domain.xy

Endstation ↑6 addicted

the ascii hammer => http://1kg.de#───█
the aim : more klicks + attention
in the case above also an address visualisation drillhammer sizes 1kg + 1,25 kg
as an subdomain http://───█.entries.tk

from Nadin?


1h work covered with wildly pasted posters

the stencil was cutted from

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